We believe that people can solve more problems in a two minute call than in back-and-forth SMS, chat, or email.

We're building the next generation business communication platform, helping businesses to easily connect to their employees, their customers, and other businesses - for free.

We’re backed by New Zealand's leading investors. Our platform is global, and so are our customers.

We have a growing team of experienced, passionate people, who strive to build beautiful products that people love to use.

Come join us and bring voice back!

  • We believe everything can be solved with good coffee

  • We believe eating good food helps the brain, so we do it... a lot

  • We push hard and know that things don't always go to plan. We continuously learn from our mistakes and improve on the past.

  • As a team we strive to excel and do the best we possibly can, and we support each other in achieving that goal.

  • We endeavour to build simple, beautiful software that makes our customer's day easier.

  • We believe in having the best tools, so we upgrade often.

Meet some of our team

We believe great solutions come from different opinions, backgrounds, and beliefs.

  • Colin


  • Simon


  • Sasha


  • Aryo


  • Nina


  • Rob


  • John